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From "Ekkehard Gentz" <>
Subject static elements and browser-caching
Date Thu, 30 May 2002 15:03:35 GMT
I have apache and tomcat using mod_jk running
all works well
apache serves the static elements and tomcat serves the jsp's

but I have a problem with browser-caching
the browser caches all gif's etc in his local cache
thats ok

and if the browser needs the first time a gif:
"GET /ffe_B2E/img/refresh.gif HTTP/1.1" 200 354
the gif was found by apache and returned to the browser

if the browser needs the second time a gif:
"GET /ffe_B2E/img/refresh.gif HTTP/1.1" 304 -
apache knows that this client already has the right gif, send 304 and
nothing back

and all these requests were correctly served from apache and not routet to
all non-static requests for ffe_B2E (jsp's) are routet to tomcat

the problem is at the clients browser site

we've designed pages  with a toolbar-like behavior,
so there are many gifs on each page
but most of them are the same on all pages

unfortunately  the browser always trys to GET them from the server
tis is much communication - even if there was nothing sent because
trhe browser has it alright

if I go to IE - extra - InternetOptions - tomparary files
and set the radiobutton there to "never"
(perhaps the english words are something different,
I'm using the german version of IE)

THEN the browser only the first time sends a
"GET /ffe_B2E/img/refresh.gif HTTP/1.1" 200 354
to the server
all following request cause no GET request to the server
and its much much faster because IE uses the gifs etc from local cache

now I'm looking for a solution how to tell the browser not to request each
and to use local cache without asking the server (apache-tomcat)
without setting these internet-options-temp-files to "Never"

any ideas ?



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