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From "Philip Blair" <>
Subject Question from total novice
Date Sat, 04 May 2002 17:04:25 GMT

I know this question probably just reflects my ignorance but I have to start

I'm running Apache under Win2000 and using MS Frontpage as my editor. I
don't really know much about Frontpage but put up a site for a laugh for a
few friends.

Now, Frontpage creates index.htm as it's index file while Apache seems to be
using index.html.en and that is fine as that's what the docs said. However,
when you access my web page the "home page" is unformatted and looks very
odd indeed. Certainly nothing like what I would expect. I believe this is
because the page you are getting is index.html.en, into which I copied the
contents of index.htm.

Once you actually navigate into the rest of the web then things start to
look like they should and when you click the "home" link the index page then
looks fine, probably because it is loading index.htm. You can take a look on should you wish.

So, I guess that either I need to make Apache use index.htm as it's "home"
page or make Frontpage recognise index.html.en as a normal page and apply
the style to it. However, that is only a guess.

I would be grateful for any suggestions as to simple steps I can take to
solve this problem. What worries me even more is that it was working fine
until this morning so I must have done something silly.


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