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From "From Laura" <>
Subject apache performance question
Date Thu, 09 May 2002 20:56:18 GMT
Beware I am a newbie and long-winded but, daring, as I proceed with my 
question regarding Apache performance.

I have a simple webpage that sets 3 parameters in Javascript.  One is a 
password.  When the user clicks "Update Page" a small "progress window" 
opens.  The parameters are passed into a cgi script.  The link that 
javascript creates looks something like:

The cgi program is a kornshell program that echos out html that indicates 
the progress of the request.  (i.e if password is correct echo - password 
valid, if script is already running, echo ...)

Here is what happens:
1. User clicks "Update Page"
2. Small totally blank javascript window pops up instantanously.
3. 1/4 second delay
4. cgi program is called (I can tell by looking at the title bar of the 
javascript window.
5. Long wait (6 seconds)
6. All "echo html" lines are written at once and spit out into window thus 
negating the idea of a progress window).

The effect is that the user is staring at this blank "progress window" 
thinking that there is a problem then blam.

I have definitely tweeked my httpd.conf file to death and think that I have 
screwed something up.  I have read apache performance notes* and already 
caught some problems but still have a delay (though it is now down to about 
4 seconds.

Any ideas??



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