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From "Khalid El-Kary" <>
Subject Re: PHP install problem
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 06:47:28 GMT

why did u send the same message twice, this mailing list is for helping 
other people in apache and related issues not giving people advice how to 
write mails, however i wanted to help u in PHP installation, it seems u 
don't need help if so why did u send a message here for help .... However i 
accept u learn me how to send mails but in personal mail pls

>sorry for the following rant...
>...but, the original post was maybe 10 lines + a disclaimer. You add 1
>line of text.  Still, your mail has well over 50 lines. Do you really
>need to quote the full mail header of the original post? Is it too much
>work to delete the disclaimer of the original post? Go learn some
>netiquette, many users out there are still on slow connections to the
>internet. Oh, and it is NEITHER c00l NOR l33t to write 'ur' and 'u'
>instead of 'your' and 'you'. You seem to be still living in the 90ies
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