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From John Moore <JohnMo...@PDSI-Software.COM>
Subject Capturing Reponse Output to File Also
Date Tue, 28 May 2002 22:58:19 GMT

Is there an easy way to capture Apache output to a file as well as sending
it back to the client?   We are using Apache 1.3.24 w/ Tomcat/JBoss and need
to capture XML output that is generated by Tomcat.  The xml pages are being
requested by an external vendor through an automated system and they are
receiving errors parsing our output.  Unfortunately we don't have a way to
see the output stream they are receiving to determine where the problem
lies.  Because it's a stateful conversation difficult to recreate the URL
request/response manually.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

John Moore

Principal Decision Systems International
625 The City Drive
Suite 190
Orange, CA 92868

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