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From "Mike Arrison" <>
Subject RE: access forbidden !!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 13:01:29 GMT
My guess would be that the directory you're trying to point to is
symlinked... and you don't have:
Options FollowSymLinks
in your httpd.conf file.

     -Mike Arrison

Hi all,

Ok, it's a question that is asked alot, i checked the manual and archives a
lot but i can't find the right answer explained clearly.
I followed the HTML installation pages for the netsaint program and this Is
my problem, when I point to
I get the error :
You don't have permission to access /netsaint/ on this server.
Apache-AdvancedExtranetServer/1.3.23 Server at server12 Port 80

In my error.log I have:
Client denied by server configuration: /usr/local/netsaint/share
I have also the same error in error.log for other dir.
Client denied by server configuration: /var/www/cgi-bin/netsaint

It must be something with permissions, so just for testing I change /usr,
/local, /netsaint, /share ,/sbin all to chmod 777
And also trie chown nobody:nogroup, netsaint:netsaint, and others ...
When I point to, I get the apache page, so that's ok.
Everything remains the same, I really don't know what it is, could anyone
help plz ?

Philippe Dhont

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