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From "Scaglione Ermanno" <>
Subject BUG in apache 1.3.24 mod_proxy?????
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 12:16:38 GMT
I think I made some confusion with the versions numbers .. here it is again
with the right versions:

We are using apache 1.3.23 with mod_proxy to serve (ProxyPass) pages from a
couple of server (apache 1.3.23) doing php and mysql. Recently I tried to
upgrade the frontends to 1.3.24, I simply copied the configuration from the
old server to the new server and corrected all the paths (no directive has
changed I suppose). I noticed immediatly that something strange was going
on, all the local virtual web servers (on the frontend) were working as
usual, 50% of the virtual web server that uses the ProxyPass directive
weren't no longer working. That was really strange is that other sites, same
frontend and backend, were working correctly while other weren't, I suppose
1.3.24 introduced a bug in the mod_proxy code.
The problem happens only when I try to access using a proxy cache (squid or
Cisco) a virtual web server implemented with a ProxyPass directive:

PC ---->   squid  ------>  frontend 1.3.24 ----->   backend
doesn't work
PC ---->   squid  ------>  frontend 1.3.23 ----->   backend
PC ---->   frontend  ----->   backend
PC ---->   backend

That is accessing the web server directly or only through mod_proxy
everything works, if there is a proxy cache in between (I tried several)
some virtual web server (in my case all based on PHP 4.0.6) behave
erratically, in some cases instead of the html the client recieves only some
random numbers or letters, in others the random numbers or letter replaces
an image or only parts of the page. In all cases disabling the local proxy
cache solves the problem, that is of course a non solution considering that
expecially here in Germany many ISP are doing transparent proxying. I found
nothing unusual on the logs (backend, frontend and one squid).
I'm intrested in updating to the 1.3.24 version because of the new features
in mod_proxy considering that we are using it a lot, it looks like maybe it
is better to wait a little .....
Somebody has an idea about what is going on or experiencing similar problems
after an upgrade to 1.3.24?

Please CC answers to me too.

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