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From Jess Planck <>
Subject PHP/Apache 2.0.36 problems with Flash XML-RPC client
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 16:14:00 GMT
I am going to get shot for this cross-post, please accept my apologies!

I've been toying around with building a Flash XML-RPC client that will 
work with the HPE portal system (

I am also doing testing of PHP and Apache2. This server is built with 
Apache 2.0.36 and the latest PHP snapshot. So far most of my issues have 
been solved, and most of the scripts seem to be working very well!

The Flash XML-RPC client is incredibly slow or inactive with current 
installation... I know Flash sucks, and I'm going to get flamed, but the 
weird part is that if I restart Apache the XML-RPC client instantly 
works and get's the data... It could be something in the script... could 
be something in Flash... But if I go back to 1.3.24 there are no 
problems... The Flash client also works locally, but as a "plugin" is 
when it starts having problems. Is flash sending some header stuff when 
used through the plugin that Apache or PHP just hates? Notice the 
differences between the requests from the plugin version and the 
stand-alone local version.

 From the log.... - - [07/May/2002:10:33:36 -0500] "POST /RPC HTTP/1.1" 
200 3676

later with local flash file... - - [07/May/2002:10:45:15 -0500] "POST /RPC HTTP/1.1" 
200 3676 - - [07/May/2002:10:45:54 -0500] "POST /RPC HTTP/1.0" 
200 3676

The client get's an answer almost exactly 5 minutes later when used 
through a browser plug-in.

You can try it out at


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