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From "Heinze, Sven" <>
Subject RE: apache 2.0.35, PHP, NetPBM specific issue
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 14:05:23 GMT
actually its a timeout error. strange. i tried another thing: after the
manual you should be able to get a directory listing using the "dir" command
in SSI. this does not work neither. my guess is just that im not able to run
any .exe on the server via a script. if i try it at the cmd-prompt it just
works fine. i'll send in a log although i rememember it saying something
about a timeout. this error only happens when the script is trying to create
a thumbnail or otherwise manipulate the uploaded picture using the win32
binaries (which i double checked that they are in the path and reachable
from the script). This has to be a security fault, maybe i have to put
something in the .conf to make apache execute .exe files ? or maybe its just
a general issue regarding apache2filter.dll ?



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Subject: Re: apache 2.0.35, PHP, NetPBM specific issue


  What do you get in the error log?

On Thu, 2002-05-16 at 02:46, Heinze, Sven wrote:
> all,
> i'm running apache 2.0.35 with php 4.2.0 and mysql on my windows 2000
> (dedicated server system) with p3-650cpu and 768mb ram. So far everything
> works nice, even the virtual hosts are okay. now to my problem: i dont
> if anyone ever used this: its a php-script called gallery
> ( that uses netpbm to resize/convert
> pictures. on my old server (with omnihttp as software) this just worked
> but now it seems like the gallery-script is somehow not allowed to run
> (the netpbm-binaries) files on the server. it just doesnt start them,
> although it can find them. is this a rights issue ? is there a way to
> resolve this ? Help please.
> Sven
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