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From Douglas Younger <>
Subject Apache 2.0 - mod_proxy returns zero size document when connecting via ssl... sometimes.
Date Fri, 10 May 2002 19:34:18 GMT
   I'm trying to set up a proxy server using Apache 2.0 because I need to 
filter some of the output via mod_perl. I ran into a problem that the 
document returned is empty when the server I connect to uses SSL and the 
document is dynamically generated.

Config info:
Apache 2.0.36 on Solaris 8 (sparc)
mod_ssl (openssl 0.9.6c)
mod_perl 1.99 (from cpan)

RewriteRule ^/proxy/ServerA$ /proxy/ServerA/ [R,L]
ProxyPass /proxy/ServerA/ https://ServerA/
ProxyPassReverse /proxy/ServerA/ https://ServerA/

If I request http://ProxyServer/proxy/ServerA/test.html everything is fine.
If I request http://ProxyServer/proxy/ServerA/test.cgi I get an empty page. 
(well, I get generic headers from IE)
If I request https://ServerA/test.cgi directly it does work... all the 
test.cgi is:

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print "<HTML><BODY>This is test.cgi</BODY></HTML>\n";

Looking at the logs on both servers:
on ServerA the request is served successfully... Status 200 Size 41
on the ProxyServer the request shows the proxy is made (I added %f to log) 
and that the status is 200 however the size field is zero?
I bumped up the loglevel to debug for both error log and ssl log and 
nothing out of the ordinary is in there. In fact the ssl log dumps the raw 
data in debug mode and it is the proper size for the request. So it seems 
like the data is getting lost between the ssl decode and  returning it to 
the user.

I haven't had trouble retrieving any type of pages from non-ssl hosts.

Also, I can request /proxy/server-status using the ProxyServer but not 
/proxy/Cache-info (auth-ldap data).

Oh, and the output is not going through any filters. I disabled all my 
mod_perl stuff to debug this.

Anyone have any idea why this might be happening? Any suggestions on how to 
fix it? Or any ideas as how to further dubug it?


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