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From Dave <>
Subject Apache 1.3.20 and Debian 2.2 logging problems
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 02:25:25 GMT
I have webalizer (log analyzer) setup to monitor my apache logs and give me 
the output in graph fromat. I have noticed that after about a week or 2 of 
apache running, apache begins to log to incorrect files. I have my log 
rotation setup for saving 2 weeks worth of apache logs. After about a week 
or 2 apache starts to log to the logfilename.log.0 rather than the correct 
logfilename.log. I only have logfilename.log setup in the vhosts of my 
apache. I just find it mildly annoying that I need to restart apache every 
2 weeks or so to get it to log properly. Is this a known issue? Maybe an 
issue with debian and apache? I install apache from the src tarball rather 
than use the debain packages, could this be why also?

Any input into this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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