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From Paul McFerrin <>
Subject httpd 1.3.22 & 1.3.24 under cygwin xmit garbage to browser
Date Thu, 30 May 2002 05:34:19 GMT

In moving my existing Apache 1.3.22 [bindist] (Cygwin based) to my Windows XP platform
(Cygwin based), I have encountered two problems.  The first problem (can't fork) was due to
a cygwin problem that required me to rebase all of the DLLs.  After rebasing the DLLs, the
httpd now starts.  First problem solved.

Second problem...

When viewing any page that has elements over 32KB in size, all bytes beyond the 32KB
boundary is garbage.  If you have images on the page, only the 1st 32KB of the image is
intact.  The rest is garbage.  The total downloaded size is correct!  If you download a file
(http), only the 1st 32KB will be correct, the remainder of correct size will be garbage.

When I compare the download images & files with the source file, the diffeence begins
byte offset 32769.  Files & elemments less than 32KB in size are loaded correctly.  If
HTML page itself is over 32KB (no graphics), the page is corrupted beyond the 32KB boundary.

I then upgraded to the latest httpd release for Cygwin [bindist] (1.3.24) and the same
problem appears.  When I look at the error_log file, there is nothing of consequence being
logged.  I'm running Cygwin version 1.3.6.

At least one other user on the Cygwin mailing list is having the same problem with data
corruption beyond 32K on Win XP.  I have made several posts to the cygwin mailing lists but
no one has taken the bite as it is not clear it is a Cygwin problem.  This problem is
present only on the Win XP system.  I'm running the Professional version.

You can access my webserver on port 81 to see the problem at:


These images are loaded correctly when using the httpd server on my Win 98 system or if I
point my browser to the hard disk.

My questions are:
	1- Has anyone else running Apache under Cygwin on Windows XP having the
	   same problem?
	2- Is this a know problem?
	3- Is there a fix for this problem?

-Paul McFerrin

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