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From BAO RuiXian <>
Subject Re: error 1327
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 21:30:32 GMT
Hello, Ying,

    I gave it a search and found your problem might be caused by using the Disk
Administrator utility included in Win NT 4.0 to change the drive letter of the
hard disk that the operating  system is installed on. For more information, see
the following search result and the links.

Good luck.


Ying Li wrote:

> Hi Ruixian,
> >
> >     I meant when you are installing the apache server, it will ask you in
> >the
> >beginning that what folder you want to install accompanied with a suggest
> >path
> >something like C:\Program Files\Apache Group\..., and if you have not
> >accidently changed the drive name from C to G, then your problem will be
> >very
> >weird.
> I tried to install both version 1.x and .x. When I installed 1.x, I did
> specify the folder as C. But when I installed 2.x, immediately after i
> opened the installer, the error message come up, which leaves me no choice
> of even specifying which drive to install.
> >     BTW, what version of the apache server you are trying to install? If
> >you
> >are installing the latest Windows binary version
> >apache_2.0.36-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi, do you have the MSI installer installed
> >first?
> Yes, i do.
> >Also there are problems for Win NT system with Service Pack 4, but both
> >Service Pack 3 or 6 are okay.
> I just updated my NT service pack to 6a this morning and it didn't solve the
> problem either.
> Do you have any idea why?
> Ying

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