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From Selva <>
Subject Transfer Encoding header problem
Date Tue, 28 May 2002 13:39:29 GMT

I have problems with Transfer-Encoding header with Apache 1.3.x.

When I access a CGI through an Apache web server using HTTP 1.1
protocol, I get the Transfer-Encoding header in the response.
But, when I access the same CGI placed with another installation of
Apache on another machine, I am not getting the Transfer-Encoding header
in the response.

My basic doubt is ...

Do I need to enable any of Apache directives to get the
Transfer-Encoding (chunked) put in to the response by the Apache web
If so, which directive/module needs to be enabled. What is the default
status of this Transfer-Encoding header with Apache response in the HTTP
1.1 context?

Thanks in advance,

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