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From Augey Mikus <>
Subject SSI includes with php
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 15:33:28 GMT
I am using server side includes with Apache 2.0.35 and PHP 4.2.0.  The 
tag I am using in an html file to include another html file is:
<!--#include file="header.html" -->

This seems to work fine.  However, when I attempt to do this with a php 
file with either of the following tags:
<!--#include file="header.php" -->
<!--#include virtual="header.php" -->

It seems to work, except for the fact that my original file (the one 
that is including stuff) gets mysteriously cut off at some point.  In 
addition, I cannot include a footer in this example.  I get no errors in 
my log.  neither apache nor php complain about anything.  the only 
result of this is that the resultant file served to the browser is cut 
off and incomplete.  In other words, chunks of code in the original file 
is not given to the browser.  

This is very peculiar behavior that I believe is a bug.  has anyone 
experience this problem before?


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