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From Owen Boyle <>
Subject Re: Directoryindex
Date Mon, 13 May 2002 08:12:01 GMT
Tommy Jensen wrote:
> I have setup 2 virtual domains and they work fine when I specify the url like this:
> however I get an access error if I use
> I have the DirectoryIndex in the virtualhost definitions. What else do I need to setup?
btw the last example work locally on the linux server with konqueror.

Can you be a bit more descriptive...

- What have you defined for DirectoryIndex?
- What "access error" (HTTP code?)
- Does the rest of the site work?


Owen Boyle.

PS Why are you using "htm" as an extension on a linux system? The
correct extension for Hyper-text Markup Language documents is "html".
"htm" was forced on the web years ago by Microsoft because their
brain-dead OS of the time (win 3.1) couldn't handle more than 3 letters
after the dot. Even though later windows versions (95 etc.) can use
"html", they kept it on out of corporate pride. This name-space
pollution is M$'s main contribution to the WWW...

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