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From (Carsten Lorenz)
Subject Re: apache as service under W98
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 17:19:45 GMT

i've found it in the Bug Database with ID 8362.
It's status is 'new' and the priority is 'other'.

The proposal not to run it as a service is made by the creator of the
report himself.

To circumvent the bug you can start apache from console to restart is by

After i updated to 2.0.36 i have no problems to uninstall the service
(Although apache keeps running so a reboot is needed.)

So you can also switch to an configuration when apache starts after a
boot without having to login.


Khalid El-Kary wrote:
> DON'T run Apache under win 98/95/ME as a service because it simply won't
> function and if it functions it will have too many bugs, because apache
> didn't make apache to run as a service under w98/95/ME and they said that in
> their website :) that's the most simple answer :)

> >From: "Alex" <>
> >I have the exact problem with the same configuration even when I go to a
> >ctrl alt del and shutdown apache and windoalp(or similar) and apparently
> >shuts down it apparently regenerates? Because one time is not there and the
> >next it is. All I can do is reset the computer

> >From: Carsten Lorenz []
> >
> >Does anyone run apache 2.0.35 and .36 as a service under W98?
> >(Yes ..., but it's only for quick tests.)
> >
> >install and start are working.
> >uninstall removes the service, but apache keeps running.
> >
> >stop reports: Failed to stop the Apache2 service.
> >restart and config are ignored.
> >
> >The "Monitor Apache Servers" shows the correct status but can't start,
> >stop or restart.
> >
> >When rebooting W98 i always have to "stop task" but the system often
> >doesn't shutdown.
> >
> >Has anyone any hints?

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