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From Owen Boyle <>
Subject Re: fontpage directory
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 13:40:29 GMT
Billy wrote:
> I have looked over two online papers regarding installing FP on Apache. They
> ask for the location of the Apache server. I would think
> /usr/local/Apachexxx however I did this install from a RedHat disk which
> installed everything nicely but, I cannot find the directory or the version.
> I understand there is a command to get the version number. If someone would
> pass it along I would be very appreciative.
> There must be a few specific files the FP software will look for. If someone
> knows and would pass that along, I'd appreciate that as well.
> Sometimes I watch people NOT ask something important. If I am missing
> something, please clue me in.

I've no idea about FP but the default location for the apache binary is

In RH, it is definately NOT put there because that's just what they'd
expect us to do. You could look in /usr/sbin/httpd or /etc/httpd. If you
don't find it, try the Linux command 'locate httpd' or the more
canonical unix command 'find / -name "httpd"'.

When you find it, cd to the directory and do "./httpd -V" to get the


Owen Boyle.

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