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From Owen Boyle <>
Subject Re: Apache hangs up for more than 100 concurrent users.
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 13:06:52 GMT
Tushar Swarnakar wrote:
> I used Rational Robot to simulate 100 users and it is running on different
> machine. I tested for 95 concurrent users, simulated by Rational Robot, and
> it works fine. Once I test for 100 users after that I can't access my page
> through a web browser, no response comes from the web server. After
> restarting Apache, I can access my page again. It also behaves same for the
> settings MaxClients =150.

I'm not familiar with Rational Robot but it sounds funky. Where is your
browser - on the same machine as Rational Robot? (if so, could be the RR
machine's IP interface gets blocked) - on the server? (if so, server IP
blocked?). Try the following to "prove" it:

- define your site on localhost on the apache server (i.e. so that
http://localhost/ on a browser on the apache server leads to your site).
- start apache
- zap it with 100 connections from RR host so it "hangs"
- unplug the network cable from RR host
- try and hit http://localhost/ from a browser on the apache server

Does it work?

 I really don't think it is apache which hangs when it gets over 100
simultaneous requests (if it were, this would have been discovered ages
ago as an excellent DoS attack :-)


Owen Boyle.

PS anything in the error/access logs?

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