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From Owen Boyle <>
Subject Re: mod_rewrite questions
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 10:12:14 GMT
Denis wrote:
> On Friday 03 May 2002 11:46 am, Owen Boyle wrote:
> > If you want to switch off proxying, just do:
> > ProxyRequests Off
> > Or is it more complicated than that?
> I noticed (too late) my description of the problem was not very accurate.
> FYI: Apache version is 1.3.2x with mod_rewrite compiled in and mod_proxy
> disabled.
> I did switch ProxyRequests Off a long time ago, then recompiled without
> mod_proxy (as I don't use it at the moment) but still to this day I have a
> _big load_ of requests coming in that are of the form :
> X.X.88.230 - - [03/May/2002:10:36:35 +0200] "GET
> HTTP/1.0" 200 67
> (and is not the domain I work with..)
> They are so numerous that they definitely are of some irritation, and also
> some of the requests match other rules and in some cases they accidentally
> execute dynamic content (which I really don't want them to).
> So what I need to do is have some way to catch proxy type requests and just
> throw them a 403... (and stop rule processing there)

I take it you have read the mod_rewrite documentation and the excellent
rewriting guide (see apache docs)? There is a "forbidden" flag you can
set in a rule which will generate a 403. Something like:

RewriteRule ^http - [F]


Owen Boyle.

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