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From Owen Boyle <>
Subject Re: Apache hangs up for more than 100 concurrent users.
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 08:17:12 GMT
Tushar IMAP wrote:
> I am doing performance testing of our web application on Solaris with
> Apache1.3.9. I was simulating for 100 concurrent users and the values of the
> following directives were
>      MaxClients = 200
>      MaxKeepAliveRequests = 250
>      MaxRequestsPerChild = 0
>      MaxSpareServers = 64
>      MinSpareServers = 32
> For the above settings and for 100 concurrent users, apache . But if
> I comment out MaxClients directive then apache does not hang for 100
> concurrent user.

This is whole lot more information than on your original mail!

I am not clear about what you mean by "apache hangs up"... Do you mean; 
(1) Request 101 is not answered, but if you stop performance testing,
the server works again.
(2) The server hangs forever and no requests are ever served again, even
after you stop your performance tester. 

If (1) then I would say that this is expected behaviour with MaxClients
= 200. Although, I would suspect a bug in your performance testing
program in which if you specify 100 clients, it really emulates twice
that number...

If (2) then that's really odd. However, apache_1.3.9 is pretty ancient
by now - you might like to upgrade to 1.3.24.


Owen Boyle.

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