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From Owen Boyle <>
Subject Re: proxy server on modem
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 12:39:34 GMT
Stuart Otway wrote:
> hi there,
> If anyone can help i would be most greatful
> I want to use my linux box as a proxy server that connects to the internet
> via modem, and i want the windows machines on the network to be able to surf
> the net.
> I uncomment all the lines in the httpd.conf to do with a proxy server,
> select allow from all, etc.
> I then connect the modem on the linux machine to the net. I restart apache.
> I flush all ipchains rules so the default policy is accept.
> I then try to surf the net from the windows machine (using internet explorer
> with proxy server info entered). Whatever website address i enter on the
> windows machine ( ie ) comes back with the apache default
> page on the server. I cannot work it out.

This is exactly the configuration I have at home. and it works
perfectly. Rather than "uncomment all the lines in the httpd.conf to do
with a proxy server" why not add the exact directive you need which is:

	ProxyRequests On

That's all you need. Note that this assumes that you have mod_proxy
compiled or linked in...


owen Boyle.

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