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From alex dyas <>
Subject Re: Apache on Windows
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 08:31:03 GMT
- Firstly ping the Win98 machine from the NT machine ( ping <ipaddress 
of Win98 machine> from a command prompt)
- If the Win98 machine is visible, open a browser on the NT machine and 
enter the IP address of the Win98 machine in the address line.  You 
should see the same thing as http://localhost on the Win98 machine.
- If Ping fails from NT to Win98 you need to investigate TCP/IP 
configuration of both machines.


Peter wrote:
> I am trying to set up a local intranet.
> My network consists of a Win98, NT$ and a Linux machine.  I am able to 
> access drives on the windows system from either window machine, but have 
> not yet set up the samba server on the Linux machine.
> Currently I have apache ruing on the Win98 machine and am able to access 
> my prototype web site using http://localhost/ . I am trying to connect 
> to this web site from the NT machine.
> What do I need to set up to do this? Do I need to change the http.conf 
> file on the Win98 machine?
> Is there any documentation which describes what has to be done?
> Regards
> Peter Goggin

-= alex dyas - webmaster - twowaytv - uk =-

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