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From "Jack L. Stone" <>
Subject FTP permissions to Apache Vhost
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 14:35:36 GMT
I'm running FBSD 4.5 and migrating several virtual host domains/websites
from a BDSi server and have what is probably a very basic question about
how to provide access to the virtual host's site via FTP (and using
FrontPage as well). I did not handle such details at the old server, but do
now and want to set up the vhosts properly so the access is similar as before.

I do not place the vhost in user accounts. The document paths are
structured as follows:

/usr/local/www/vhost3 ....and so forth.

Apache is set up for the main domain a a couple of the vhosts already, but
they belong to me and I don't have any access problems, being the super
user. Also, FrontPage2000 sets up and publishes fine. The user and group
for Apache and FP is set to www:www.

Now, however, I'm getting ready to move domains that belong to others
without access except through FTP and Frontpage, but most don't want to use
Frontpage and prefer FTP to upload content that has been produced on their
local machines. Fairly common method I imagine.

I have fiddled with a test domain that I set up as a vhost to see how it
could be accessed via FTP. BTW, my FTP is ProFTPD and is set so that the
user only sees the contents that belong to them and so the "root" they
login to has to be a user account. In order to FTP login at the root of the
vhost, I have to set up a "user" in the name of the vhost, BUT, cannot FTP
upload/download to it because of permissions apparently.

The obvious question I have is with the above setup, how do I give the
vhost user access to the root of his "root" that would appear like this and
he would see all of the content/directories contained below:
...and point of entry would be /usr/local/www/vhost1/

Better yet, to be identical to the old server setup, the path would be:
/usr/local/www/vhost/data ...and the CGI directory is accessible as:
The user's FTP point of entry must still be:
...and be writable for that user.

Again, Apache is set to www:www (and so is FP2000)

Please help me with proper solutions to how to give the "Vuser" access via
FTP....??? Thanks in advance for any help.

.... our website:

Best regards,

Jack L. Stone
Server Admin

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