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From Jubal Kessler <>
Subject [repost] Bug in mod_autoindex and 2.0.36?
Date Sat, 01 Jun 2002 02:13:24 GMT

I'm fooling with 2.0.36 and the mod_autoindex module on my home
laptop. I just noticed that a directory listing shows the icon for
some directories as folders, and other directories as HTML files.
Those shown as folders have no DirectoryIndex-recognized values,
i.e. index.html, inside them. If one is found, though, the link is
shown with an HTML file icon.

I'm using no special configuration for IndexOptions, so this seems
to be a default. I'd personally like to see all directories appear
as folder icons, rather than Apache being over-smart and describing
some directories as HTML files. Is this a bug or feature, and/or are
there options I can pass to IndexOptions to suppress this behavior?

Thanks in advance.

Jubal Kessler

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