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From "Taylor Lewick" <>
Subject RE: Help with DSO
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 15:00:48 GMT
Owen, thanks for the info.
Im a little confused when I run the configure, the Makefile in the same directory doesnt have
the typical CFLAGS, CC type stuff I normally see, but i see where it creates 
7 Makefiles... in /src for support, regex, os/unix ap, main lib/expat-lite modules/standard...
So do I need to edit all 7 Makefiles and add the +z to these?


Taylor Lewick
Unix System Administrator
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816 881 6073

"Help Wanted.  Seeking Telepath..."
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>>> 05/31/02 09:49AM >>>
>Okay, I have read through several times the options on DSO.
>I am installing apache 1.3.24 on HP-UX 11.00, and I have used 
>the following option...
>./configure --prefix=/opt/apache1.3 --enable-module=so 
>But after the install is complete, I look at the src/modules 
>directory and I dont see any .so what do I have to 
>do to generate .so files...
>On the older version of apache, in which I downloaded a 
>binary, in the modules directory I see a bunch of .so files...

I've just started on the DSO route myself so maybe I can share a little of my experiences:

Out of the box, apache will compile-in all those modules listed as "base" in the docs (look
in the modules page), e.g. mod_cgi, mod_mime etc. But it will not make any additional .so
files unless you tell it to.

E.g. to add mod_rewrite to the mix:

# ./configure --prefix=/opt/apache1.3 --enable_module=so --enable-shared=rewrite --enable-module=rewrite

i.e. you need to say "--enable-shared" and "--enable-module" for any DSO modules. If you just
say "--enable-module", it will be compiled-in.

If you run make after configure as described and do "httpd -l" on the resulting executable
you should see the http_core along with all the base modules and mod_so compiled-in.
should be in src/modules/standard. You should then copy this to /opt/apache1.3/libexec or
let "make install" do it for you.

Regarding your compiler problem, this may be HP-UX specific, but you can pass flags to the
compiler with:

# CFLAGS="+z" ./configure etc...

This is in the INSTALL file in the distro. Or you can edit the file "Configuration".


Owen Boyle

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