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From Bruno Wolff III <>
Subject 2.0.37-dev external map lookups out of sync
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 15:34:33 GMT
I had been using a program to do CDB lookups under apache 1.3.x.
I am using the following in the httpd.conf file:
Rewritelock /home/httpd/html/robot/lock
Rewritemap blocked prg:/home/httpd/html/robot/

Under 2.0.37-dev (a snapshot from yesterday), the correct string is
not returned. I had the lookup program log its output and it looked
OK. Looking the at access logs indicated that the wrong requests were
getting blocked. So it looks like the returned value isn't always
being returned to the correct request. I am running with an MPM of

If you want to look at the perl program it is available at:

The data on the lockfile in the documentation is pretty sparse. It doesn't
indicate what access is needed to the lock file. I have tried a number
of different protections (including 666) and that doesn't seem to make
a difference.

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