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From David Brownlee <>
Subject Re: Two servers on Port 80 on same machine?
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 21:19:21 GMT
On Wednesday 22 May 2002 01:35 pm, Pete Nelson wrote:
> I have a linux system that listens to several IPs, each with a different
> web site.  So yes, Apache can do it.  See the documentation on Virtual
> Hosts.
> The bigger question is if your operating system can listen to more than
> one IP.

Solaris supports this.  I don't know if Solaris has allways supported this 
but, at least 2.6 and above do.  It wasn't clear if the originator of this 
post already knows this so this may be more info than needed.

In the /etc/ directory you will find a file called hostname.hme (or similar 
depending on the type of network card you have).  It is a text file 
containing the name of the host as it appears (with its IP address) in 
/etc/hosts.  To assign an additional address to the same network interface, 
create the file /etc/hostname.hme:<n> (where <n> is a number) with an 
alternate host name as the contents.  Add this alternate host name to the 
/etc/hosts file along with the new IP address.  You can then reboot or use 
ifconfig to bring up the new interface.  I'm not sure what the limit on <n> 
is but, I've been using the last octet of the IP address (as high as 123) 
without problems.

As for binding Apache with Listen, several people have already answered that.  
Multiple Apache servers works but, sorry, I have no experience with 

David Brownlee
IT Systems Manager
WRQ, Inc. 

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