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From shpau <>
Subject mod_rewrite question, thanks
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 08:38:12 GMT
Dear All,	
	I am trying to set URL rewrite using RewriteRule directive, and I want to do 
the following :

original type in URL :

ReWrite to :

	Actually, if I already known the middle part, e.g. '123abc789', then I can 
rewrite to the target URL, but if the pattern of this 9 char / digits always 
change, only the length remains unchanged, e.g. the pattern always have 9 
char / digits,  how can I set the RewriteRule ?

	Because if the type in URL pattern always change, I cannot hard-coded in the 
ReWriteRule to something /123/abc/789/index.html,   can I using any regular 
expression to try to catch the first 3 char / digits, then catch next 3 and 
last 3 one ?

e.g.  if this time type in

then will catch the first 3 digits, middle 3 digits and last 3 digits and 
ReWrite to : 

	Would you mind to give me some advices or share your experiences about that ?
Thank you very much for your help.


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