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From "Matus \"fantomas\" Uhlar" <>
Subject Re: apache starts swaping
Date Mon, 13 May 2002 08:37:03 GMT
-> First off 98 MB RAM ain't gonna cut it. RAM is cheap so I'd
-> suggest upgrading at least to 256MB & more like 512 MB+.
-> Your showing 11 httpd processes running in excess of 300 MB
-> with some processes over 40 MB and the smallest is 24 MB!

you should not count sizes of all processess together - many memory pages
are shared between processes.

-> ----- Original Message ----- 
-> From: <>
-> To: <>
-> Sent: Sunday, May 12, 2002 2:34 AM
-> Subject: apache starts swaping

-> im struggling now for a month to get apache not to swaping on my
-> NetBSD box.Couple days ago i upgraded to 1.3.24 ...changed el-chip realtek
-> chips to Intel EtherExpress...:) im tryed so many different config options
-> but no luck:)in this mashine running only 2 sites with mysql database...and
-> thats all.Box is PII 266 ,98RAM :)It stays about 3 days...and eating memory
-> and then starts to swaping...and u know..what happens at the end :)

It seems you have a memory leak in your system - apache or its scripts. Try
to upgrade to the newest version of apache. You can also try limit
MaxRequestsPerChild (0 is no limit - try 100 for example)

Maybe you have leaking libraries - try upgrading to newest NetBSD. 

You can also try some malloc-debugging libraries. Or some programs that
analyze what is using virtual memory...
 Matus "fantomas" Uhlar, ;
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