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From JW>
Subject Can a proxied httpd be combined with name-based virutal hosting?
Date Fri, 10 May 2002 16:28:30 GMT

We currently have a development environment set up for all our programmers.

The way ot works is each users has an httpd running on an unprivileged port. 
That way they are able to stay completely out of each other's hair.

The main HTTPD is proxing requests to dev<user>.ourdomain.tld to <user's> httpd
on various ports.

The problem is up until now, they've only been working on 1 web site and now we need to set
up a second one that way.
I really don't want another set of httpds running. 
So I'm trying to get name based virtual hosting to work on the user's servers, but it seems
like the proxying is filtering out the URL, so that the individual httpds never have a chance
to figure out where exactly the request is being made too.

Is there any successful way to combine proxied servers with name based virtual hosting, or
am I stuck running on more ports/more IPs?



Jonathan Wilson
System Administrator
Cedar Creek Software

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