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From Artiom Morozov <>
Subject Re: Symbolic Links and Directory Permissions
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 17:40:47 GMT
symlink doesn't require <Directory> it points to, but for any container 
(e.g. <Directory> containing this link) make sure you have
Options +FollowSymLinks
set. Also check access rights for /home/someuser dir and check for 
.htaccess there.

На 2002.05.07 07:25 Charles Tassell написал:
> I recently upgraded to Apache 1.3.24 on Linux, and I'm having some
> strange problems.  I tried to tighten the security of my site by
> removing some global options (ExecCGI and Includes from Directory /)
> and
> now I'm having problems with following symbolic links.  If I have a
> link
> called "somesite" in my htdocs folder which points to a user's
> public_html directory (/home/someuser/public_html) I need to have
> Directory entries for both the link and the main folder.  I am sure
> that
> the last time I did this I ran into the exact opposite problem: If I
> specified a path containing a link in a Directory block it wouldn't
> work.  Am I just nuts or is this a change/misconfiguration on my part?
> Is there any way to have Apache translate links into their actual
> directory?  I don't even mind if it's a performance hit, as it's
> driving
> my nuts tracking  down all the symbolic links in the 3 gigs of web
> content I'm hosting.

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