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From Artiom Morozov <>
Subject Re: Configuring Virtual Domains
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 17:37:16 GMT
i guess your problem is drwx------ access rights on /home/domain1 and 
other domains. you should set it to 0755 and leave user apache group 
apache. alas, per-user username supported afaik only in apache2 in 
pre-fork mode, and it's not quite stable (accordingly to the doc).

îÁ 2002.05.06 14:59 Alberto Starosta ÎÁÐÉÓÁÌ:
> Hi !
> I want to configure my web server but I have some problems with 
> authentication.
> I have 4 domains, for example:, ecc
> I have one IP address, for example: 111.222.333.444
> I've made 4 different users for each domains, after I created 
> /home/domain1/www path with privileges point of each user
> Next step I've changed "host" file with each of domain point of the 
> same address, example:
> 111.222.333.444
> 111.222.333.444 ecc
> I've created <VirtualHost> in httpd.conf
> example:
> NameVirtualHost
>    <VirtualHost>
>    ServerName
>    DocumentRoot /home/domain1/www
>    </VirtualHost>
> When httpd is loading, it's also loading file: commonhttpd.conf, 
> where is fixed default web server and at top of this file, user and 
> group is "apache".When I changed user: apache to user: domain1 - is 
> ok for domain1 but not correct for domain2. This mean that if I look 
> to entry to by Netscape, appear error: "You have not 
> permissions to this server", mean I not see the pubblic web pages for 
> others virtual domains. Someone can send me example of complet 
> configurations files of httpd for ex.3 different domains with one IP.
> Thanks. Alberto.

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