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From "David Jackson" <>
Subject Post mortum : index.php bug hunt
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 00:47:56 GMT
Jim --

>Be interesting to see how Brad reacts to your findings.
More important is what Dave and Micheal will say? I leave it
to you to take care that detail :)

Here's my post mortum comments.
> I think the results of your research and
> troubleshooting work demonstrates your expertise and
> dedication to figuring out a problem. 

1. 'Just the facts mamn' -- you cann't provide enough details reguarding the

1A. I asumed you were getting a 404: Page/document not found? In fact
you were getting 402[3]?"Access Dinied".

2. I started out by asking for a info.php page, and kept asking (till you
gave them to me) source pages. What phpinfo() told me this about AISP:

Version of apache (2.0.35) 
Version of PHP (4.2.0RC4)
Version of MySQL (2.3.24?)
And we assume they using virtual hosting (allows them to host multi site
on one server)

2A. More important it told me what configuration flags they compiled
apache and PHP with. My objective was to recreate American ISP's
server enviroment and your web site on my box.

2B. Which meant I had to first get apache/PHP  running using AISP
configurtion and then find out how to configure virtual host? 

3. Which leeds us to *php-general* news group and Apache *users* mailing
list and Vincent Kurger's suggestions that pointed me toward the
"DirectoryIndex" entry  in the <Virtual Host></Virtual Host> portion of the
httpd.conf file.

In the end it was a "classic" bug hunt, the solution was simple,
but getting to the testing and confirmation statage was a pisser :)
And of course it was a team effort: Apache users(Vincent), PHP-general, you
and me.

David J Jackson

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