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From Boris Kimel <>
Subject Re[2]: Running multiple apache instances
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 11:38:31 GMT
OB> Don't know about documentation, but I'd draw your attention to the
OB> following points:

Thanks. I just wanted to see some documentation to avoid myself
inventing known things.

OB> - You can have as many instances of apache as you like, so long as they
OB> bind to different sockets (i.e., listen to different IP address/port
OB> number combinations).

OB> - each instance can listen to many sockets (i.e. can use IP-based and
OB> port-based virtualhosting).

OB> - each instance can use name-based virtualhosting.

OB> - unless the servers are started as root, they can only bind to port
numbers >> 1024.

OB> Basically, just make sure there is never any contention and all will be
OB> well.

We wanted to use several IP addresses and port 80. Non-root users
should be enabled to restart their apaches though. Think it's possible
however not sure it's secure enough. Still would be happy to see some
real implementations.


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