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From Eddie Castelli <>
Subject Simple Root Question
Date Thu, 30 May 2002 08:49:17 GMT
Dear Apache Community

After Installing the Apache v1.3.23 an d adjusting the httpd.config
DocumentRoot and <Directory ...> I chequed in running phpinfo.php
(file://localhost/phpinfo.php) and it worked fine (see my Directory
Structure below). But now - don't ask me why - my browser wants to
save this file. It doesn't know the php ext.
Let me give you an other Information - probably it has to do with it.
When 'stopping' apache with 'apache.exe -k shutdown' and reboot then
start apache it will tell me:
  [warn] pid file ' overwritten -- Unclean shutdown of
  previous Apache run?

I truly don't understand this msg as I did stop apache and just
rebooted over the start menu.

Could please someone give me a hand in getting apache running? Thank
you and have a nice day :-)


  C:\Apache                             - apache main dir
  C:\dev\ec\loc\www55                   - DocumentRoot
  C:\dev\ec\loc\www55\html              - ... and below as Online on Server
  C;\dev\ec\loc\www55\html\phpinfo.php  - standard php file

best regards


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