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From "David Jackson" <>
Subject Resolved:2.0.35 + 4.2.0RC4: not seeing index.php
Date Sat, 04 May 2002 20:04:23 GMT
Vincent --

I just got off the phone with the web developer for the site in question,
and  he confirmed the error they are getting is 403: Access denied. 

And I finaly got vitural host to work on my box, and test DirectoryIndex
flag for the virtual host, my guess is the hosting company maybe putting
one in the doc root for each VH.

Final queston for today:
What would be the ba
sic setup for using .htacces as a work around?
Ive tried :

<Directory /home/jimint/public_html/>
DirectoryIndex index.php

Thanks again,
David Jackson

> no it wouldn't it would only set you the virtual hosts directory index.
> you could always you .htaccess files aswell.
> same directive only applies from you root directory and subs in your

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