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From "David Jackson" <>
Subject RE: httpd.conf fouled up
Date Sun, 26 May 2002 12:33:51 GMT
Bill --
Good morning? I hope you haven't stayed up all night working on this?

Here's what you I would do.

1. Post news messages to list, subject: Frontpage extension: Seg fault?
Inlcuding summary and error messages.

2.Cross post same message tp Redhat mailing list.

3. uninstall apache (last one installed by rpm) and frontpage extensions.

4. reinstall apache from rpm, and test without FPE.
(a) Check install paths
(b) test basic install
(c) then if that works add virtualhost and test.

5. download FPE from here (both *.tgz and RPM):
(b) the docs will be easer to find in the *.tgz
(c) install either version according docs

Here's a howto found on google:

Post followup messages to as reply to new postings listed above.


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