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From "Russ" <>
Subject open files
Date Mon, 27 May 2002 13:27:27 GMT

We're running Server version: Apache/1.3.23 (Unix) on RedHat 7.2. We have
around 600 VS setup, each with a custom log file. Apache is saying:

Too many open files: couldn't spawn child process:

in the error log when ever perl scripts are executed. I've been looking on
the web for ages for this problem and nothing seems to be really helpfull,
does anyone have any ideas where the proble could be?

ulimit -a gives me:

[root@linux5 /]# ulimit -a
core file size (blocks)     0
data seg size (kbytes)      unlimited
file size (blocks)          unlimited
max locked memory (kbytes)  unlimited
max memory size (kbytes)    unlimited
open files                  1024
pipe size (512 bytes)       8
stack size (kbytes)         8192
cpu time (seconds)          unlimited
max user processes          2048
virtual memory (kbytes)     unlimited

/proc/sys/fs/file-max is set to 65536

its on 7.2 so i cannot change the inode-max on the kernal.

Any help would be aprecated.



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