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From Jack Nerad <>
Subject Re: Authenticated redirects
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 16:45:04 GMT
On Friday 31 May 2002 12:26, you wrote:
> I am using Apache 1.3.24 with newest php, mysql and everything else.
> Here is the problem, and I would appreciate any ideas on how to
> resolve it.
> I own an online-record store that is getting ready to go online, and
> I have to stream the audio from a Windows Media Server (Win2k Server
> box) b/c I can't find any streaming technologies that work for linux.

Interesting.  I've not tried it and I don't know much about it but... 
have you tried icecast?

>  People wanting to listen to the song will have to click an icon, and
> that icon will direct them to the windows media server.  The media
> player will open and the song will be streamed from the windows box
> while not being taken away from the linux machine.  My question is,
> is there anyway that I can setup apache so that you can only listen
> to the audio samples if you hit the link from the shopping cart
> system.  I am trying to do this so that people just can't link to my
> streams from anywhere without going through the shopping cart (could
> take a lot of bandwidth if people started providing links to me
> streams on other sites).  I know this is partially a windows
> question, but I don't know where else to ask.
Jack Nerad

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