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From Jack Nerad <>
Subject Re: mod_perl-2 and Apache 2.0.36 (Win2k)
Date Thu, 09 May 2002 15:51:20 GMT
On Thursday 09 May 2002 11:21, you wrote:
> Is anyone currently using mod_perl and Apache 2.0.36?  Specifically,
> I'm trying to use the windows binary from
> .
> First, I noticed that 'PerlFreshRestart' was no longer recognized. 
> Easy enough to comment out, and then the configtest worked.  But when
> I tried to restart, I got errors.  'Apache::Registry' could not be
> loaded.  I looked in my Perl/site/lib folder, and saw an 'Apache2'
> folder, so I started digging for a '' file.  I found one
> under 'Apache2/ModPerl/', but after changing my config to point to
> 'Apache2::ModPerl::Registry', it's still looking for subsequent
> modules under the 'Apache::' module.
> I looked on, but did not see anything
> specific to Apache 2 (although I'll admit that I certainly didn't
> follow every link on the site).  I've also tried several 'perldoc'
> commands, but have not found local documentation for configuring.
> Has anyone got this running?  Anyone seen any documentation for
> Apache 2 and mod_perl online?

mod_perl for Apache 2 is still under _heavy_ development.  After a 
proper search of the archives, you might want to address questions 
about it to one of the mailing lists found at

I believe that there is some preliminary documentation set up at

but considering how in-flux the new version of mod_perl is you should 
understand that the documents found there may or may not be actively 
maintained yet.

If you need mod_perl to run on apache (and who doesn't! :), I'd 
recommend not using version 2 (Apache/mod_perl) just yet.  Probably a 
better solution until mod_perl stabilizes might be to use Apache 2 as a 
proxy for your mod_perl 1/Apache 1.3 server.

Jack Nerad


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