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From Subu Korisapati <>
Subject Re: How to redirect users to Login Page
Date Wed, 01 May 2002 18:16:19 GMT
I am not the programmer, and am a newbie to oracle apps server administration 
which is based on Apache.

If a user is not coming thru login page , they wanted the web server to 
redirect the user to login page.

example :  They have two pages MainPage.jsp, Login.jsp
If a user directly accesses MainPage.jsp without coming thru Login.jsp, they 
want the web server to redirect them to Login.jsp page.  Once user info is 
validated, user will be directed to MainPage.jsp

I dont know much about apache, jsp to suggest them the best way.  Is this a 
bad approach ?

appreciate your insight.


On wednesday 01 May 2002 13:22, Joshua Slive wrote:
> On Wed, 1 May 2002, Subu Korisapati wrote:
> > We have a jsp application running of apache web server.  How do we
> > redirect the users to login.jsp page, if they try to access anyother page
> > like Main.jsp.
> >
> > Can i use Rewriteengine option in apache httpd.conf file ?
> Well, how are you doing session management?  Unless you have a proper
> technique for keeping track of sessions, any "redirect" will be easily
> bypassed.  The common way to handle this is to have login.jsp set a
> cookie, and then have your other pages (or mod_rewrite possibly) check
> for that cookie.
> Joshua.
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