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From "Jason Lile" <>
Subject virtual hosts question
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 17:10:43 GMT
i'll try to make this simple while including all the necessary info...

i'm using version 1.3.22 of apache for our company's webserver.  the company, is the "main_server" and there are no vhosts currently in use.
i'd like to set some up for personal webspace.  we do not have enough IP
addresses to use for "play" purposes, so these must be name-based vhosts.
currently the main server obviously serves all hits and it is important that the
config stay this way (to the best of my knowledge) as we are using SSL and a VPN
connection so the IP of the main server is VERY important.  i have read all the
docs on the vhosts and tried several configs... problem is, anytime i get a
vhost container to work, it serves ALL the hits to the server.  i can't get
multiple domain names to work w/o setting up multiple containers... which
includes one for the main server which i do NOT want to do at this point.  i am
not currently using any "listen" or "bind" ports/addresses.  i'm guessing at
this point that i'm going to have to listed on another port to serve as the IP
address/port combination for a vhost, but i can't afford to play around a lot
with the config as our website is obviously "mission critical" to the business.
so, i'm asking for help here instead of disabling the website everytime i try a
new config for a minute or so ;)  thanks in advance.


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