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From "Ron Wingfield" <>
Subject Re: Virtual Hosting Configuration for v2.0.28
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 22:28:25 GMT
I am beginning to think (as in agree with you) that v2.0.28 may be the problem.  I assume that
v2.0.36 is the most current?

I have just changed (. . .yet again) the 32bit IP addresses to an asterisk, as you suggested,
and tested -- no results.  I don't think that is the problem.  From what I've read, the
IP address scenario is OK, and necessary, for example, when and if I decide to configure another
virtual host on a different IP address (I have five static IP's to dabble with).  

Finally, I was concerned that the vhost_alias_module was "unnecessary overhead".  I assume
that it is OK to remove the load instruction, and all references from the httpd.conf?

Ron W.
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  From: Joshua Slive 
  To: ; Ron Wingfield 
  Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2002 4:52 PM
  Subject: RE: Virtual Hosting Configuration for v2.0.28

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  On Wed, 29 May 2002, Ron Wingfield wrote:

  > Problem:  Apache v2.0.28 (as per my configuration, running with FreeBSD

  You are several important versions behind.  You should upgrade.

  > My httpd.conf file contains the following:
  >    NameVirtualHost

  Everywhere you have in NameVirtualHost and <VirtualHost>,
  change it to *.

  > Question:  I have assumed that the DocumentRoot directive
  > in the VirtualHost container would be sufficient to effectively
  > override the default DocumentRoot directive's path.

  Yes, that is true provided you have properly configured the ServerName
  and IP address (or *).


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