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From "Ryan Bloom" <>
Subject RE: Around Apache2 multi protocol support
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 15:53:48 GMT
> I've heard that Apache2.0 has supported multi-protocol. I looked at
> source of mod_echo.c, it seems that the multi-protocol support is
> implemented as like below.
>   input filter -> a brigade
>   the brigade -> output filter
> The support of multi protocl in Apache2 is just filtering technique?
> Or is there any part in the sources which supports implementing the
> other protocols?
> In former case, if I'd implement FTP protocol into Apache2, for
> instance, all I have to do is write a filtering module:
>   read some buckets from input filter into a brigade,
>   operates the brigade fits for FTPd protocol(it's not easy work,
>   push some return codes and some parameters into output filter.
> right?

No.  The multi-protocol support in Apache 2.0 is actually rather
complex.  You need to implement ap_process_connection.  For a better
example of what is possible, look at httpd-pop3, which implements the
POP3 protocol.  The module is available through anonymous CVS at: co httpd-pop3


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