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From "John Passaniti" <>
Subject RE: Apache and ASP
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 18:54:22 GMT
> Where, specifically, might this accident be found?  
> Don't ya hate it when you get busy and leave things 
> lying around???

Those who think that the indirection provided by Kazaa is enough to
protect one from application of Acceptable Use Policies are (eventually)
in for a rude surprise.  But ignoring that, why don't you and the guy
who is pirating Microsoft Visual Studio exchange friendly email and FTP
the files between yourselves.  That way the rest of us who aren't
interested in watching this mailing list turn into a source for piracy
and questionable situational ethics don't have to see your nonsense.  I
want to read about Apache, not how you want to steal software.

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