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From "marcello s." <>
Subject Re: Apache newbie looking for 'virtual directory' (was an IIS user) & where to find real-world examples?
Date Tue, 21 May 2002 14:38:17 GMT
Thanks Joshua,

i'll try that.
and check the part about URLmapping.

unfortunately i can't check/test the server setting today.

marcello s.


> > > Is it possible to use <directory> with regex to 'automate' this
> > > 'virtual directory' so everytime a request to
> > > always points to the corresponding Student's public_html?
> Yes it is possible to use a regex with AliasMatch and <DirectoryMatch>,
> but you'd need to be much more specific about your requirements.  For
> example, how are you going to tell the server what is a StudentName and
> what is a directory that should be served out of the DocumentRoot.

I'll check out first whether the name clearly structured and if the
corresponding filing also is well structured.


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