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From "Jeff" <>
Subject Server Setup
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 21:23:22 GMT
I am kinda new to serving pages, but I was wondering what some common
setups for server are...
I am running Win2K professional, on a 400mhz Celeron computer with 64 mb
of RAM and approx. 400 mb hd space free... (1.18gb hd + 407mb hd, i need
another hd i'd assume.) on a cable modem with pretty good uptime with
Apache 1.3.22.
Both Hard drives are FAT, so would converting to FAT32 or NTFS help any?
By setup, I am talking about BIOS and Windows settings to make my
webserver run better...
Also, any tweaks would be nice too, as well as upgrade ideas.
This server isn't like a top secret government agency type thing, so
security isn't really an issue.. (i don't have much on the computer
anyway... plus I have a good firewall.)
By the way, does anyone know how to view system uptime on Win2k pro? 
Jeff Meisenhelder

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