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From "Chris Herrmann" <>
Subject RE: virtual host causes 404
Date Wed, 15 May 2002 01:04:14 GMT
Hi all,

Some more information... after a lot of screwing around, recompiling etc...
i wet through manually checking each setting as I changed it in httpd.conf.
Turns out it's actually mod_jk.conf that's making it break, and _only_ when
i get it to be a little funky, and try and pick up all webapp contexts

JkMount /*/servlet/* ajp13

The reason I tried this was because:

JkMount /servlet/* ajp13

wasn't being matched by mod_jk's uri matcher...

Am off to trawl tomcat lists now and see if I can get more information about
how mod_jk should work and should be configured...



|-----Original Message-----
|From: Chris Herrmann []
|Sent: Wednesday, 15 May 2002 21:39
|Subject: virtual host causes 404
|I'm running apache 1.3.23 on Redhat Linux 7.1. I've tried
|several different
|versions, configurations etc tonight without success...
|The basic problem is that now if I add virtual hosts, they
|fail to serve
|correctly, always returing a 404.
|If I look in the appropriate log files I get no messages, even
|if I turn up
|the LogLevel for either apache, or the VirtualHost to "debug".
|Our virtual hosts are defined in a file "/etc/apache/virtualhost.conf",
|which is included in httpd.conf, along with mod_jk.conf  for tomcat.
|Tomcat's working fine, as is mod_jk & php.
|If I remove the reference to the virtual hosts, then suddenly
|apache starts
|serving files again, but obviously only for the single host and not
|everyone! d'oh!
|Any ideas as to what I'm looking for here? What could be
|causing this to
|break? Is there some way I can force it to reveal more
|information about
|why it's bouncing me? Is there a module enabled that might be
|blocking it
|that is only enabled for virtual hosts, that's killing it?
|What information do I need to dig out, to solve it?
|Chris Herrmann
|Far Edge Technology
|p. 02 99553640
|f. 02 99547994
|m. 0403 393309
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