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From Anthony Schorer <>
Subject RE: Win2k Apache 1.3 servers delivering inconsistent bandwidth
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2002 18:30:03 GMT
I would guess this speaks more to a difference among hosts than any
sort of fault on Apache's part. Differing hardware / OS /etc could
easily account for those differences, especially since you claim to
be getting full bandwidth consistently on specific hosts. Now, if
bandwidth for a given host fluctuated (eg, getting 80Mbps one hour,
then 20MBps the next, etc.), there might be reason to suspect your
server. But certainly don't think there is now...


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From: Anders Chr. Skoe []
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 1:35 PM
Subject: Win2k Apache 1.3 servers delivering inconsistent bandwidth

Hi all,

I have a test lab with a few Win2k servers (Pent ~1GHz, ~1GB RAM)
running Apache 1.3.23.  Their interfaces are 100Mbps, full-duplex. 
issue is as follows:

When I connect to these servers from client machines in the lab, data
is delivered at inconsistent bandwidths.  More specifically, results
are as follows:

Win2k client #1: 95% of the time, gets ~300 Kbps (will typically
start out
at 2Mbps, then fall to 300 Kbps within 5 secs).  The rest of the
gets ~30 Mbps.

Win2k client #2: Same as Win2k client #1.

Win2k client #3: ~30 Mbps consistently.

Win98 clients: ~2 Mbps consistently (all Win98 clients have SP2).

WinXP client: ~30 Mbps consistently.

FreeBSD 4.5 client: ~2 Mbps consistently.

For each data point above, there is a single active client. 
multiple simultaneous downloads from a single server using different
machines will _sometimes_ increase the download speed of my slower
clients by ca. 20%.  There is negligible cross-traffic.

When I stop Apache & run IIS on the Win2k servers, then initiate a
download, I get approx. the full bandwidth available (~80 Mbps) over
the network (using any of the client machines).  I also get approx.
the full bandwidth available when doing ftp downloads from these

All machines are on a small, switched 100Mbps full-duplex LAN, with
firewall.  I have upgraded from IE 5.0 -> 5.5 -> 6.0 on all Win
servers and clients, with no measurable influence on performance. 
running the Win2k clients agains a SUN machine running Apache, I get
full bandwidth (~80 Mbps).

What stumps me is the inconsistent bandwidth delivery using Apache on
Win2k servers. Has anyone experienced anything similar?  Or does
have suggestions for what is wrong?  The Apache install is very
in the sense that I have not installed any additional modules, or
the configuration files in an attempt to filter or differentiate

Thanks for any help.

 Anthony Schorer

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